Gerstley Borate Information

Here is where you can find all about the material, what is happening with it, how to replace it

Each glaze recipe is a unique opportunity to not only replace the Gerstley Borate, but also to improve it in other ways. Learn how to do the calculations and document all the testing you do.

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What is Gerstley Borate?

It is not just a powder you buy at your supplier. Gerstley Borate was a very unique material, knowing more about it is a key to being able to substitute it in recipes. Digitalfire has always been the best place to learn about it.

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What is happening with substitutes

During the early 2000s, the demise of Gerstley Borate appeared imminent. Multiple companies developed substitutes, including Laguna Clays. But after they began processing another stockpile at the mine interest in interest in substitutes waned. In 2023 one substitute remains: Gillespie Borate.

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Common Recipes that use it

Compare common medium and low temperature glaze recipes containing varying percentages of Gerstley Borate (with notes and links on how to deal with substitution).

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